At Buildraw, our vision is to be Lebanon’s’ most energetic construction company. We seize opportunities for both our company and the country. We work with commitment to maintain our clients’ trust. We operate with solutions-driven mindset to seek efficient methods to deliver on our clients’ requisitions. We incorporate our resources, including specialized personnel, machinery, and experience to achieve the best results.


  • Achieving operational excellence.
  • Conducting our business in a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically optimum manner.
  • Employing a diverse, innovative and result-oriented motivated team.
  • Providing the needs of our customer


Buildraw aspires to operate its business in a manner that exceeds the ethical, economical and public expectations of the society. Values such as innovation, integrity, reliability and partnership drive Buildraw’s corporate culture. Excellence in health, safety and environmental protection, investment in the professional development of staff, as well as sustainable business practices are fundamental components of the company’s operations.

Buildraw holds itself accountable for being honest, fair and respectful in all aspects of its business, and operates in a zero tolerance atmosphere for any actions that could be perceived as contrary to these standards.


In the field of industrial, commercial and institutional construction, Buildraw provides the one stop solutions to all kinds of projects ranging from small office renovation to a complete design & build services.

Our company culture is to serve our clients in quick and cost-efficient manner with highest quality construction work.

Our diversified type of experience has allowed us to successfully complete a large number of innovative projects for several trades such as warehouses & logistics industrial buildings, educational compounds, religious complexes, food processing facilities, residential buildings, infrastructures, roads, retail business, etc…


Design & Build (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning)

Buildraw serves its clients to build their project on complete design and build basis. Clients select a design-build procedure when they want to work with one contract entity, instead of several contractors and consultants through one point of contact.

Buildraw skilled project team is brought together during the design and engineering stage to provide the clients with cost effective and quality work with reduced schedule.

Our scope covers the complete civil, architectural, steel, mechanical, electrical, landscaping, and external works to complete the project.

Furthermore, we have incorporated team of professionals for approvals such as Environmental Impact Study, Risk Assessment, Traffic Impact, etc… and approvals with full coordination with appointed consultancy and technical control firms.

Turnkey Contractor (General Contractor)

Buildraw takes the complete responsibility to execute the project on turnkey basis. Project design and specifications are developed by the client’s architect, subsequently issued to the Contractor through a sole source of competitive bid process. It helps the clients to use own resources, reduced risk, and can have greater project control when a longer schedule is required. Buildraw provides competitive price after design & before construction begins and generally assumes the risk of cost overruns based on the defined budget and scope parameters.


Buildraw provides all complex of services in the field of industrial and civil construction, including all types of construction installation works:

  1. Structural works
  • Executing turnkey contracts;
  • Performing construction management contracts;
  • Construction of buildings and structures;
  • Site engineering;
  • Site preparation;
  • Mason’s work;
  • Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions;
  • Roofing works.
  1. Earthwork

Buildraw has all the required machinery to promptly perform any volume and type of earthwork. Buildraw provides services of excavation, transporting of materials to official dumping sites, backfilling and compaction.

Our construction equipment fleet consists of new equipment that enables us to perform earthwork more efficiently for a lower cost.

2.1 Our company performs the following earthwork:

  • excavating of all types of earth;- excavation;
  • earth compaction and stabilization;
  • bush clearing and drainage;
  • oversite excavation;
  1. Road construction
  • Earthwork performance;
  • Subgrade, sub-base and base course foundations works;
  • Laying prime and asphalt coat;
  • Pouring concrete retaining works;
  • Pouring and installing concrete new jersey partition;
  • Installing gabion/stone walls;
  • laying curbstone and paving tiles;
  • Patching and overhaul repair;
  • Road repair;
  • Installing infrastructural drainage and storm water network;
  • Installing infrastructural electrical cables;
  • Installing lighting electrical poles.

3.1 Structural Steel Erection

  • Construction of rapidly erected buildings and structures of light-gauge construction.
  • Installation of metal frames of residence, communal, industrial and agricultural buildings and structures.
  • Installation of enclosing metal structures;- erection of sandwich-panels.
  • Installation of metal constructions of energy complexes.
  • installation of mobile phone, radio-relay and light towers.
  • Construction of rapidly erected metal hangars.
  • Installation of irregular metal structures.

3.2 In-situ concrete works

Buildraw performs all types of in-situ concrete works from layout of monolithic foundations to erection of office buildings, trade centers, houses, garages etc.

 3.3 Interior finishing

  • Buildraw performs all types of finishing works.


Quality Policy is defined for the organization with objective to achieve customer satisfaction:

  • Accomplish customer satisfaction or exceed it every time
  • Comply to all applicable Standards, Specifications, Contractual terms & Conditions and provide prompt customer support
  • Do things right the first time, every time
  • Achieve profitable growth in a sustainable manner
  • Demonstrating total commitment towards quality oriented products/services to our customers with an objective of continual improvement of the machines, manpower & management.


Our business performance requires outstanding HSE performance. This means the highest quality, protection of health and safety of our employees and of those affected by our business, the protection of our physical assets and environment.

HSE Control and Objectives

  • To deliver our clients the standards of quality specified in the contract within budget.
  • To ensure that all our employees are trained in quality assurance and that this training is ongoing at all levels.
  • To meet all legal requirements.
  • To provide the resources necessary to achieve the required level of quality.
  • To ensure that quality control mechanisms are being sufficiently and effectively applied at all times.
  • To provide documentary evidence of all quality control measures.
  • To continually review, improve and implement quality control and best practice procedures.
  • To seek feedback from our clients and consultants as to the level of quality delivered.
  • We believe all injuries are preventable.
  • We provide healthy, safe and secure work environments.
  • We make a positive contribution to the protection of the environment.
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