Buildraw is a leading private and public General Contracting and Infrastructure service provider that offers general contracting turnkey solutions for Mega scale projects. It offers optimized and customized solutions to project challenges and conditions, ensuring work is performed in accordance to client’s guidelines, taking into consideration the promptness and quality. Buildraw is well known for undertaking challenging grand scale, cutting-edge and novel projects and has built up a great number of landmark schemes in Lebanon, Middle East  and Africa.

Having more than 20 years of experience in the infrastructure and contracting fields, Buildraw has proven its ability to efficiently achieve earth works such as excavation, stone walls, gabion walls in addition to infrastructural activities, such as sewage, drainage and electrical services, as well as concrete works, finishing works, and asphalt paving works.

Buildraw positions itself at high-end market, keeps it up in the marketing strategies of “trustworthy clients, reliable markets and remarkable projects” in addition to “compete at low cost without overlooking the assumed high quality”. Through constant exploitation of its precious resources, strict control of production costs and work quality and seeking of customers’ satisfaction, the company provides its clients with quality works and perfect service that meets international standard. Buildraw has completed many projects including roads, infrastructure projects, large scale construction projects such as residential compounds, malls, teaching institutions, industrial buildings, sporting clubs and commercial centers.

In regards to our construction and finishing works and taking into account the feedback and reviews of our partners, Buildraw is perceived to be among the leading companies in the market. Our clients feel at ease while doing business with us.

Construction and infrastructure services are not the only main scopes of services of Buildraw. It provides complete technical backup and support to the fields of transportation, power and energy, water, social infrastructure construction, infrastructure development, engineering and HSE Engagement. In addition, Buildraw provides project management, estimation and consulting services.

Over the years of operations, Buildraw has established a self-sufficient, vertically integrated logistics chain that improves efficiency and promptness of project execution. Additionally, the support of its subsidiaries has enabled Buildraw to offer a complete range of construction related services.

Buildraw has been successfully developing industrial projects of various scopes, over its years of experience. Throughout the life cycle of a project, Buildraw offers construction and infrastructure support at superior quality that contribute to the Lebanese, Middle East and Africa industrial growth.

Aiming to contributing to the sustainable development, Buildraw had carefully studied the regional market and it is planning to expand its presence in neighboring countries such as Syria, Iraq, Jordan, UAE and others. However, Buildraw also intend in the coming years to enlarge its scope of work through entering the Real Estate development market.

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